Observations of the Ill(Poem # 44)

I was ill for the last few days,

and I locked myself in my room so no one else would fall ill,

and feel as shitty as I did.

But today,

I dragged myself out of bed and went outside,

went on with my life,

even though I still feel weak and tired,

but I was “well enough to go to class”,

which really isn’t that much better of a state,

really it is just a state of “I won’t get anyone else sick now”…

But you know what I noticed,

people are always soooo busy,

They walk to class,

heads down,

or chatting,

going here,

going there…

but never really going anywhere.

You see in my three days of locking myself in my room to be alone,

I found that I lived most when I had my brief moments with people,

when I could just sit down and enjoy someone’s company…

Yet we don’t do that anymore…

We are too worried about being on time,

and appearing at this,

I mean yeah being on time is important,

But people really need to set aside time to just relax

and enjoy the fact that they aren’t alone,

locked in a room,

with minimal contact to the outside world…

They need to enjoy the fact that they are ALIVE AND WELL!

I don’t know if this should even count as a poem or more of a rant…(poem #40)

I wanted to challenge myself to something new,

So for the next few minutes I am going to close my eyes and type all of the thoughts that go through my head…



1. I love the sound of rain, and the mixture of bird calls, thunder and raindrops that the rainy moods website is using tonight.

2. I hate being sick, and having a fever really put a damper on my day. I felt so weak and useless. Honestly being an adult and being sick sucks because when we are little we have our parents around to help take care of us and make sure that even though we physically feel like crap we don’t have to mentally as well…

3. I miss my dog terribly…he is my best friend and somehow he always knew how to make me feel better no matter how hard the situation got.

4. Sleep and I have a love hate relationship…I am a college kid so this shouldn’t surprise me.

5. I am really confusing myself now…here is why. I looked on a job posting sight through my school and was genuinely upset that all of the after-school positions to help out with elementary and high school programs were “work study” only…why is this confusing, well I thought I hated children, but alas I see I do not.

6. I am not sure if this should even count as a poem really, because it is more of a rant.

7. I miss the show Boy Meets World…and other kids shows I mean seriously kids shows kind of went down the toilet recently.

8. I want to inspire people, not just have them like me. Because people liking you well is rather insignificant when the world is filled with people we “like”, but not many that we want to “be like”. A child needs a role model and someone who seems like a superhero to them not like barbie. I want to change the world in the eyes of a child to inspire them to truly become anything they want not just what people say. So become a vet, an astronaut, a archaeologist, or whatever your dream was…become your own superhero.

9. I think I found what love is…and it scares me to death.

10. Yup this is defiantly a rant and not a poem, haha but I am the author so I get to pick what I call it right!