Til then…(Poem #72)

I wish I felt something more than what I do,

That every-time I saw you my heart didn’t ache a little more…

but it does,

and it always will.

Because even though you don’t love me how I want you to,

I still cling to the aching hope that someday you will…

The whisper that Outweighs the Screams (Poem #71)

Mentally I understand it,

My brain can tell me a thousand times,

but my heart won’t listen,

it muffles out the screams,

and replaces them with whispers that echo through my soul.

I don’t know if that is a good thing,

or if all it will do is drive me insane…

Because my mind is screaming “HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!”

But my heart still clings to “Maybe someday he will……”