Choker (Poem #114)

The Choker

I slide it over my neck,

Perfect the placement,

one inch lower or a half an inch higher,

it needs to be perfect,

as if the  placement determines the pressure that reminds me to breath.

Maybe it is more than a fashion statement,

truly it reminds me how precious my life is,

as ever breath I take tugs upon it.

But how would  you know that,

all you see is the piercings,

the tattoo,

and the choker,

securing a memory in your mind of that girl,

not of me.


Fear in my head (Poem #100)

I may be surrounded by all this noise,

yet it can not cover the clattering and screams of my mind,

begging for mercy,

for a chance,

to be myself,

but knowing if you are already judging me now,

with my tame version of myself,

than you would rip apart the real me.