8 out of 10 (Poem #111)

In Japan if you ask people what animal they could be,

8 out of 10 would say they wish to be a bird,

they wish to be free,

choose their own destiny,

and fly until they find the one thing we all want,

a purpose.

8 out of 10….

that is a a lot of people without a purpose yet…

Itsukushima Shrine (Poem #98)

Red and orange hide the blue sky,

each second they flood my vision,

soon it is all I see,

it overtakes the sight of the leaves and branches,

I become mesmerized,

focusing only on the next glimpse of red I will get,

holding onto the idea that they will never end,

then I turn and I see it with all of it’s glory.

No reds,

no oranges,

yet that is what makes it beautiful,

the contrast of stone to red,

and intricate marksmanship

to nature.