I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…(Poem #87)

You and I started out as nothing,

two strangers who walked into the same building on the same day,

who’s lives simply collided for a moment,

in that second neither of us thought that this would change the course of our lives,

but it did,

that one moment turned into many,

it turned into shared stories,

shared pains,




it turned into sharing parts of our lives together that others would never understand,

and yeah we get lost every now and then,

but in the end we know that no matter what we can always rely on each other to be there,


because those moments turned into a love that created a bond that nothing could break,

we became something stronger than time,

or distance,

we became friends,

friends that transformed into a family,

and today as my bloodline is falling apart,

I am proud to say that I know that my family will never truly fall apart because all of you will always be in my heart.

Observations of the Ill(Poem # 44)

I was ill for the last few days,

and I locked myself in my room so no one else would fall ill,

and feel as shitty as I did.

But today,

I dragged myself out of bed and went outside,

went on with my life,

even though I still feel weak and tired,

but I was “well enough to go to class”,

which really isn’t that much better of a state,

really it is just a state of “I won’t get anyone else sick now”…

But you know what I noticed,

people are always soooo busy,

They walk to class,

heads down,

or chatting,

going here,

going there…

but never really going anywhere.

You see in my three days of locking myself in my room to be alone,

I found that I lived most when I had my brief moments with people,

when I could just sit down and enjoy someone’s company…

Yet we don’t do that anymore…

We are too worried about being on time,

and appearing at this,

I mean yeah being on time is important,

But people really need to set aside time to just relax

and enjoy the fact that they aren’t alone,

locked in a room,

with minimal contact to the outside world…

They need to enjoy the fact that they are ALIVE AND WELL!