Our generation (Poem #119)

There is a barrier in our world,

between generations,

between families.

Somehow we can not understand each other,

as if after childhood we stopped speaking the same tongue,

and become ignorant because we decide to love before fight.

They always say that we will grow up to be them,

but how can we turn into them when were were never them,

we never lived their lives,

we are young,

we are dumb,

we are stupid,

we are understanding,

we are charming,

we are naive,

we are free….

The Origin of Music(poem #24)

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Every great song starts with a melody,

a few notes to make a tune,

a gracious hand strumming along,

to the beat of the heart,

and the whispers of the soul,

that feed the memories,

that were translated to the notes.

You see music is a language,

a deeply routed word,

that no matter the tongue in which it is spoken,

still somehow translates what it means,

because music is more than words,

and more than simply note,

Music is the gateway,

to our hearts,

to our memories,

to our souls.

Poetry and Music (poem #12)

Let it go..

Let it go…

Can’t hold it back anymore…

Let it go…

Let it go…

That perfect girl is gone!

Now that I have that out of the way,

A poem is a song,

A song is a poem,

Words on paper,

Or words in the air,

Poetry becomes music,

and it floats through our hair.

You see there is nothing that words can not express,

When written upon a rhythm

And added to a tune,

Becuase music transforms words,

from somthing so simply,

so black and white,

to something of color,

that can brighten the darkest of night.

We cherish them,

hold them,

and always remember them,

as we walk alone,

or are wondering in a crowd…

Because poetry and music,

say everything we wish we could,

but feel that we would be judged,

because our sentences aren’t complete,

and the words can be cut short,

or completely omitted,

because it’s about expression,

not about making sense,

so it may sound like a ramble…

but to us poetry and music is what our heart screams!