“Can you feel my heart” -Bring Me the Horizon (poem #70)

Some people call them skeletons,

But I think that isn’t fair,

it doesn’t give it justice,

Because skeletons can fall apart,

or be shoved back where no one can see,

and you only take them out when you desire to.

So I would call them demons,

because demons can come and go as they please,

they can bump at the night,

and make you scream,

or sneak up on you quietly

and wait for the right moment,

to give you chills,

and remind you that they are with you,

no matter how safe you feel.

So our insecurities,


and pains

aren’t skeletons,

or nightmares alike,

they are demons,

and they have come from hell,

to remind you to hide!

Not all angels are good (Poem #67)

Not all people are evil,

Just like not all angels are good,

Because the angel of death isn’t looked upon with glory,

He just does his job. 

And the Angels on chariots,

Ride around to say that are world is chaotic

and will soon come to an end.

Don’t tell me that our saints weren’t sinners at heart,

Because we all know they were,

We just don’t focus on that part.

So don’t tell me all angels are good,

And all people are bad,

Because even thought there are some bad ones,

And a lot that will hurt us,

There is more to be said,

For the humans that walk this earth are just wondering…


To know what life has in store,

on the globe that keeps spinning more and more.

So not all people are evil,

And even the ones that claim they are can’t be,

Because we are all simply human,

And that is all we know,

That is all we can see,

And being human is being beautifully chaotic,

and in the middle of good and bad dreams!

Wish me luck (poem #29)

breaking down walls photo: Break Walls Down broken20hearted20wall.jpg

I had to sit down today,

and look long and hard,

at this person I show the world,

and all the pain behind it.

You see I know I have built up walls,

and I have hidden behind them for so long,

that it is scary when I look through them,

it is almost like I am looking back into the eyes of the 13 year old me,

and that little girls was scared,


and alone.

I don’t want to be here again,

and I never want to see it again,

I don’t want to see the world through frightened eyes,

I want to be strong,

and stand tall..

Like I am now.

You see the walls helped me stay strong,

and then I made myself strong,

Now as the walls come crashing down, 

I don’t know what hides behind them,

could it be monsters?

or could it be angels?

I don’t know…

but I guess it is time to find out…

Wish me luck!