What I can’t forgive you for (Poem #85)

I stood up the other day,

but I couldn’t look you in the eye,

because you took more than my trust,

you took my friend away,

and that is what I can’t forgive you for…

I already know(Poem #81)

I don’t understand why you don’t get it

I don’t want to see your face,

I don’t want to hear your voice,

or speak your name!

Let alone sit across from you,

look into your cold eyes,

and listen as you say those lies,

that I wanted this,

That somehow this is all my fault!

I don’t need  you to say it,

I already know,

the lies are screamed in my face,

and they drip down the mirrors,

as my tears stain my face,

I can already see,

You throwing this in my face is unnecessary,

because I already can’t forgive me.