R.I.P. my bunny love (Poem #83)

The hardest part about a pet passing away,

is not being able to comfort them,

or to hear them say goodbye,

you just have to know that they love you,

and that you did your best,

and that you were their whole life,

and that there will never be anything more important to them than you were.

So I must say goodbye my Midnight,

may you rest in peace,

I love you my fuzzy bunny,

and I know you loved me.

Balancing Act (Poem #73)

Life isn’t a simple thing,

and it is all about balance.

The balance between sorrow and joy,

light and dark,

pain and happiness,

pride and humbleness,

Success and integrity

Self-love and self-sacrifice.

And to this day,

I haven’t found that balance,

but the things is I think your goal in life is to balance it all,

but the moment you truly start to live is when you accept that you never will be able to.