How did you do it? (poem #34)

I just don’t get it,

How it is that I look down at my phone and smile,

How I don’t even have to be with you to feel you with me,

and that somehow all it takes is a memory or a thought and there is a blush on my cheek…

love photo: LOVE Lovely_Heart.jpg
So how do you do it?

How did you take this strong girl,

and make her feel like she deserved the world,

make her feel like a little girl falling in love for the first time again,

and look past all the hurt that made her hold back fro so long?
falling in love photo: falling in love big4399246.jpg

How did you change my world so much,

in such a short time?

How did you do it darling,

How did you not only make me fall in love with you,

but also fall in love with my life,

and fall in love with myself?