The love will follow (Poem #140)

If today you move on

Or tomorrow to

I will still love

Because authentic love never dies

Or leaves you

It simply follows you. 


Goodnight (poem #130)

Until fate has played its role,

Til fear doesn’t clench our souls,

I shall lay with pillow and plushies beneath my head,

Until I can sleep through the nights with you softly snoring in our bed.

Nothing will suffice (Poem #125)

There are no amount of pain killers,


Or weed,

That can mask this breaking heart.

No time,


Or hallucinogen

That can overpower the darkness that is losing your love.

No words,

No signs of affection,

Or self inflicted wounds,

That will make create answers as to how you fell out of love.

You became the beat to my heart,

The air to my lungs,

The breath to my life,

And now all you are is a void nothing will fill…