Fear in my head (Poem #100)

I may be surrounded by all this noise,

yet it can not cover the clattering and screams of my mind,

begging for mercy,

for a chance,

to be myself,

but knowing if you are already judging me now,

with my tame version of myself,

than you would rip apart the real me.


The beauty in you…(poem #19)

You will never be able to see,

what I see in you,

or how important you are to me,

or how much I cherish your presence,

or how much I admire you…

Oh how I wish you could,

because if you could,

you would smile everyday,

and never feel worthless,

or unappreciated,

or unloved,

or forgotten,

or lonely…

Because you would see everything beautiful about you.

how your smile lights up a room,

how your heart shows on your sleeve,

and how you can give everyone something to look forward to,

or how you show people that no matter what life hands you

you can always move forward,

and that each story is beautiful,

but most of all,

you show the world that it is a beautiful thing to be you!