Attempting to Explain Why I am Single(Poem #161)

The number one question on tinder today is: “How in the world is a girl like you single?”

Well boys and girls please sit down as I tell you why:

  1. Swearing isn’t lady like and I don’t give a damn that people fucking think it’s rude.
  2. You would look so much prettier if you just tried a little harder.
  3. My love is like a treasure chest; filled with glistening moments that bring glory, joy and wonder only to be later seen as monitary value to be barged with, tested, and sold to the highest bidder, each piece taken away from me as symbol of my lovers’ triumph over my heart.
  4. “I don’t date short girls”.
  5. May fairytales are more like Grim’s. There is no happily ever after, and I am pretty sure my “Prince Charming” got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions.
  6. “It’s not you it’s me…”
  7. My body is more like a quest than a home; each knight gets wrapped in the excitement of saying they have slain the dragon but never knowing what to do with the princess after that; the crown didn’t fit my head right and I don’t fit into the kingdom quite right…maybe I was better off with the dragon
  8. Omg you like girls too that is so hot we should totally….ehhh stop there do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars, that is not how this game work.
  9. I’m not the type of girl that people fall in love with. I am the paper town meant to be burned down by men with matches. I pride myself on provide warmth and love by sacrificing my heart to the hollowness of bones. Creating graveyards of memories, where all ex’s are followed by “oooohh”‘s
  10. “We’re sorry the number you have dialed is no longer in service or has been disconnected. Please hang up and try again”

He took his and mine (Poem #113)

They told me what you did,

at first I thought it was some sick joke,

as if life was something that couldn’t be taken away in 3.5 seconds,

but as I sat there,

it sunk in,

they weren’t kidding,

you had done it,

you had given up.

My mind rushed,

words meshed together to create a choased mash up of songs fights and tears,

my silence turned to sobs and screams,

never again would the words petrude my lips,

your life was so precious,

but so was my innocence,

yet both of those were taken away by you,

and still somehow I cannot look in the mirror

without seeing the face of a monster I created

because even though I couldn’t forgive you for me

I swear I would have done it for you

if only I had known….

Why do I feel bad,

you did this to yourself

you felt bad because you did that to me

why do I feel bad…..

it should be you feeling bad still….

you took the easy way out,

you stopped feeling,

you are gone,

why am I still angry…

why did this….

why did you….


Four in one; cry for help….(Poem #102)

One tear fell,                                                                                          Quickly

by the rushing revine,                                                                     as it all rushes by

as the tall blond girl,                                                        never knowing what will happen next

let a scream petrude from her lips,                                        praying the answer will come

the last mercy call,                                                                    to anyone willing to listen,

and cry for help.                                                                       hopefully not onto deaf ears.

His hands shock,                                                                         Rapidly

as they twisted,                                                             grabbing at bits and piece

and knoted the rope,                                                       trying to keep it together

if it was too lose,                                                              everything would fall apart

he would suffer,                                                                         worse than before

too tight….                                                                             and it would be too late.

he is already dead….

The kiss of the rain (Poem #99)

It always amazes me how gentle the sky is to the ground,

when it graces it with it’s presents,

as it tip-toes across the ground,

elegantly sheds it’s tear,

turns it’s head with a breeze,

then smiles upon the earth with it’s light,

only to remind it what darkness is…

Until you anger it,

then it will slam it’s fist in anger,

thrash it’s waves in agony,

and scream it’s winds in terror.

Each twist (Poem #97)

Twist one,

Everything still falls lose and carefree.

Twist two,

starting to form something that may come out as functions.

Twist three,

you can see the structure start to form.

Twist four,

another step toward getting everything back together.

Twist five,

things are finally starting to look up.

Twist six,

I can see the end coming soon…this excites me.

Twist seven,

only a few more steps and I can move on,

Twist eight,

my hand starts to hurt.

Twist nine,

The pain is worth it because I only have a little longer until I have finally reached the desire.

Twist ten,

finally I am done,

I take one last look in the mirror

and secure my braid.

Not all angels are good (Poem #67)

Not all people are evil,

Just like not all angels are good,

Because the angel of death isn’t looked upon with glory,

He just does his job. 

And the Angels on chariots,

Ride around to say that are world is chaotic

and will soon come to an end.

Don’t tell me that our saints weren’t sinners at heart,

Because we all know they were,

We just don’t focus on that part.

So don’t tell me all angels are good,

And all people are bad,

Because even thought there are some bad ones,

And a lot that will hurt us,

There is more to be said,

For the humans that walk this earth are just wondering…


To know what life has in store,

on the globe that keeps spinning more and more.

So not all people are evil,

And even the ones that claim they are can’t be,

Because we are all simply human,

And that is all we know,

That is all we can see,

And being human is being beautifully chaotic,

and in the middle of good and bad dreams!

Why did I think this was a good idea?? (Poem #60)

To say I am stressed is an understatement,

Because in all honesty I feel like my head could explode,

everything is very overwhelming,

and none of this is sinking in…

Why did I convince myself that taking Chinese was a good idea!!!