You aren’t alone (Poem #135)

If you are awake right now,

At 4 am,

Sobbing into your pillow,

Clenching on to the last shred of hope you have…

Just know you are not alone,

I am right here,

Sobbing with you,

We will make it through this…

I hope….

What do you call it (Poem #133)

We seem to get wrapped up in this concept of titles,

Everything has to have a label…

But why?

Why do we have to complicate this?

Why does it matter what I call you?

You could call it anything…

I don’t care,

I just want you!

For breaking my heart (Poem #132)

You broke my heart,

Showed me I could take losing everything.

I never knew I needed you to walk away to see me for who I could be,

Rather than who I was.

I have finally become the person…the woman I want to be.

Now that I am this person,

And I have matured and grown,

I think it is time that I thank you…

Thank you baby for breaking my heart so it became whole again.