You aren’t alone (Poem #135)

If you are awake right now,

At 4 am,

Sobbing into your pillow,

Clenching on to the last shred of hope you have…

Just know you are not alone,

I am right here,

Sobbing with you,

We will make it through this…

I hope….

What do you call it (Poem #133)

We seem to get wrapped up in this concept of titles,

Everything has to have a label…

But why?

Why do we have to complicate this?

Why does it matter what I call you?

You could call it anything…

I don’t care,

I just want you!

For breaking my heart (Poem #132)

You broke my heart,

Showed me I could take losing everything.

I never knew I needed you to walk away to see me for who I could be,

Rather than who I was.

I have finally become the person…the woman I want to be.

Now that I am this person,

And I have matured and grown,

I think it is time that I thank you…

Thank you baby for breaking my heart so it became whole again.

Your former shot of whiskey (Poem #131)


I rarely speak of you,


 That is how haunting you are,
Yet for over a year your presence was a giant in my life,

Overshadowing me,

My world.

It covered them with mud,

The smell of diesel,

Smoking bullets,

And Tabacco tins.

Now I stand outside your shadow,

Tears dried in my cheeks,

The Tabacco won’t save you,

The bullets missed the kill shot,

You missed my heart,

Those five girls didn’t do the damage you thought they would,

Because you of all people taught me,

You can take the girl out of the country…

But you can’t take the country out of the girl. 

The powers of true love (Poem #129)

I do not know what is more powerful,

My unquestionable, devotional love toward you,

Or my strength as I stand to the side waiting patentiently for the day you are ready and able to fall as hard as I did,

Or my heart as it aches daily for you to return but knowing it can not show it for you need to find your way back on your own.