Our generation (Poem #119)

There is a barrier in our world,

between generations,

between families.

Somehow we can not understand each other,

as if after childhood we stopped speaking the same tongue,

and become ignorant because we decide to love before fight.

They always say that we will grow up to be them,

but how can we turn into them when were were never them,

we never lived their lives,

we are young,

we are dumb,

we are stupid,

we are understanding,

we are charming,

we are naive,

we are free….

Reuniting of Bodies (Poem #118)

A warm sensation fills my body,

sparks erupting with every inch you touch,

a gentle kiss turns into a passionate expression,

clothing becomes a barrier to intimacy,

as they are shed,

the warmth turns to fire,

the fire burns inside of me,

pulling you closer to me,

as a shutter escapes my lips;

Within this moment of pain and pure pleasure,

I look deep into your eyes,

and can feel your soul searching for mine,

and finally our souls meet with a sigh,

and the true journey begins.