I would give up the world for you…(Poem #75)

I never really understood the phrase, “I would give up the world for you”

Like seriously it makes no fucking sense when you think about it…

I would give up not only my entire existence but EVERYONE’S existence,

just for you…

Seems kind of crazy,


and overall cruel…

Doesn’t it?

And again why does picking flowers show a sign of affection?

“Here I saw these were pretty and I thought of you so I pulled them from the ground and killed them…”

Showing signs of love seems kind of morbid after this doesn’t it….


When you truly fall in love nothing makes sense anymore,

it is like the entire universe stopped moving for one second so the galaxy could realign just for you two,

so you could finally feel what it is like to have the world stop turning for one second.

So nothing makes sense after the epitome of all existence seems to come to a sudden halt when your hearts finally understood the moment that you finally met…”The one”

So would I give up the world for love,

You are for damn sure,

I would do it in a heartbeat.

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