Not all angels are good (Poem #67)

Not all people are evil,

Just like not all angels are good,

Because the angel of death isn’t looked upon with glory,

He just does his job. 

And the Angels on chariots,

Ride around to say that are world is chaotic

and will soon come to an end.

Don’t tell me that our saints weren’t sinners at heart,

Because we all know they were,

We just don’t focus on that part.

So don’t tell me all angels are good,

And all people are bad,

Because even thought there are some bad ones,

And a lot that will hurt us,

There is more to be said,

For the humans that walk this earth are just wondering…


To know what life has in store,

on the globe that keeps spinning more and more.

So not all people are evil,

And even the ones that claim they are can’t be,

Because we are all simply human,

And that is all we know,

That is all we can see,

And being human is being beautifully chaotic,

and in the middle of good and bad dreams!

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