Country songs….(Poem #6)

I know you think I am crazy,

but I love the sound of those crazy country songs,

the ones with a hint of everything,

a little twang….

a little pop…

a little guitar….

a little pain….

a little love….

but mostly just honesty.

I love the idea of having one of those nights,

Of falling in love in the middle of nowhere,

About losing that love,

and holding on tight to the love we wish we had.

So call me crazy for loving my truck,

and loving the sound of a small town party,

sitting around a bonefire,

laughing and loving,

and just holding on to good friends….

Because country music says that all…

Because can you honestly tell me that in the middle of the night,

when fireflies storm the skies,

and the smoke of a fire streams through the air,

and headlights light up the dancing grass,

That there is something better to hear?

That somehow techno music would suffice?

No darling….

So call me a hick,

Or a redneck if you may,

But this small town girl loves her truck,

loves to love,

has felt heartbreak,

has her dog waiting for her at home,

apreciates the beauty of an unplanned night,

and doing something small but crazy,

who can kick up some dirt,

and raise some hell….

but at the end of the night,

there’s only one things I want to hear….

And that’s the sound of the crickets,

And the breeze tickling the trees,

And the soft echo of a howl filling the night sky.

And you wanna know what’s crazy,

I’m not even that country,

There are girls out there that go way harder than me,

Who have lived their whole lives living and breathing country,

I’m no down south or norther country girl through and through,

But deep down in my heart,

While I am sitting here in the city,

I can see,

That clearly there is a little country girl in me….

So does this girl love her country music,

yes when the time is right I do….

But maybe tomorrow I will be just as in love with Rock & Roll too….

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