Moving on (Poem #3)

I don’t know what to say to you,

That I’m sorry?

That I wish things could be different?

Of course I wish It could be different….

Of course I wish that we didn’t have to do this….

but darling what did you expect?

You can’t honestly say that you expected me to just wait around for you…

To wait for that one day when everything would fall into place?

Well I saw it…

I saw that it is my responsibility to take my life in my hands,

To make my life how I want it,

and not to chose what that is based off of the lives of others,

to simply embrace what life gives me 

and go with the flow.


So I am sorry darling,

I’m sorry I am moving on with my life,

that I found out that I need to be me for now,

that I found out how I deserve to be treated

and that I found some self respect…

but if you can’t respect that,

and respect me…

Then in all honesty,

I don’t have time for you,

And that’s on you,

not me…..


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